SAM - Spectralink Application Management

SAM - Spectralink Application ManagementSoftware platform that provides configuration and management of Spectralink applications on your Spectralink Versity solution.Versity devices are factory-loaded with the SAM client and other Spectralink applications. After the Android Master bump, Versity receives network information from the EMM and then establishes a secure tunnel with the SAM server. Essential feature settings are provided by SAM and Versity is now fully functional. The coordinated SAM system complements EMM functionality.


Resource Type Date Posted Language
Release Notes R1.2.0 Downloads 2020-01-24 English
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Release Notes R1.1.0 Downloads 2019-05-06 English
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Spectralink SAM Release 1.1.0 - Upgrade Downloads 2019-04-30 English
Spectralink SAM Release 1.0.317 Downloads 2018-11-01 English
Resource Type Date Posted Language
CS-19-07 Spectralink Account Number and SAM Device Licenses Technical Bulletins 2019-09-03 English
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