End of Life Policy

Spectralink's End of Life (EOL) Support Policy For Hardware Products

Spectralink follows industry standard practices regarding the support of its discontinued (EOL) hardware products. Specifically, Spectralink typically offers support for a given product for a period of up to five (5) years after the Sales Discontinuation Date unless otherwise defined for other products. (Defined below)

In order to notify our end customers and channel partners, Spectralink provides a specific End of Service Life (Defined below) date for a given product through our web site at the time the Sales Discontinuation Date is announced. Such notifications will typically be posted on our web site ninety (90) days prior to the Sales Discontinuation Date.

Regardless of the End of Service Life date, Spectralink will honor the terms of any applicable warranty and/or any previously sold maintenance agreements which were purchased prior to the End of Service Life Date.

Spectralink's Software Support Policy for discontinued (EOL) products

Spectralink also follows industry standard practices regarding the support of its software for discontinued (EOL) products. Consistent with such standards, Spectralink?s policy is to support software for the most current version and one previous major version OR two years after the release, whichever comes first.

Changes to Spectralink's End of Life Support Policy

Although every effort will be made to support EOL products in accordance with our End of Life Support Policy, Spectralink reserves the right to change its policy as it deems appropriate. Spectralink will announce any changes to the EOL Support Policy through the Spectralink Website.

Here is an explanation of some of the terms that we have used in this notice:

Sales Discontinuation Date (Last Order Date)

Any Spectralink product being discontinued will be announced as EOL. On the Sales Discontinuation Date, discontinued products are no longer available for purchase from Spectralink.

End of Service Life Date

This is the date a Spectralink product will no longer be supported by Spectralink Global Services. Note that Spectralink may, at its discretion, stop offering Time and Materials support services prior to the End of Service Life Date.

For additional information regarding upgrades and recommended replacements for the products and services listed below, please contact your Spectralink Sales Representative or Authorized Spectralink Reseller.