Spectralink Wireless Telephone Installation & Configuration Tool (SLIC)

Designed for busy professionals and larger handset rollouts, the Spectralink 84- & 87- Series Wireless Telephone Installation and Configuration Tool (aka SLIC) simplifies the process of associating the handsets with a wireless LAN and provides a user-friendly, interactive interface for configuration and provisioning of 84- & 87- Series handsets. 

In an effort to improve our ability to service our customers, Spectralink has implemented changes to the support portal website. We now require that you create an account in order to access downloadable content on the website. To complete this process you will need to provide your email address. Your address will only be used for account verification and for notification to you should an issue be discovered with software you have downloaded. Your information will not be used for any other purposes and will not be sold or shared with any group, company or organization outside of Spectralink. If you have an existing account on Spectralink Partner Access, you will need to still create an account on the Support Portal as the two sites are not connected. 

Resource Type Date Posted Language
Spectralink WiFi Product Escalation Form Other 2014-02-18 English
Regulatory Information for SLIC Other 2013-09-03 English
Resource Type Date Posted Language
Spectralink SLIC Software Release 3.51.91 Downloads 2016-04-15 English
Spectralink SLIC Software Release 3.50.66 Downloads 2015-11-02 English
Spectralink 84-Series & 87-Series SLIC Software Image - v3.48 Downloads 2015-05-13 English
Resource Type Date Posted Language
Spectralink 87-Series SLIC Administration Guide Setup & Maintenance 2016-04-15 English
Spectralink 84-Series SLIC Administration Guide Setup & Maintenance 2015-12-01 English
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